Mother Foundation Charity dinner hosted by Aston Group UK
Report by Raja Shakil Anjum Bradford

Mother Foundation Charity dinner was hosted by Aston Group at Taj Palace Oldham on 17th October 2011. Auston Group was represented by Mirza Abdul Qayyum and participants of the Charity dinner donated generously for Mother Foundation amounting to 1460 Pounds which were handed over to Irfan Raja Editor . Stage secretary was Raja Masood Alam Shami of Bishandor Sharif Dewan e Hazoori assisted by Haji Muhammad Azram. Quranic verses were recited by Hafiz Sanwal Safeer and Naat sharif was recited by Mirza Saleem. Thereafter Mirza Saleem and Raja Javed Nishtar expressed their views about the formation of Mother Foundation . Raja Waheed of Auston Vice President Muslim league (N) for UK was the special guest of the event who was congratulated by the participants of the dinner on his appointment as Vice President Pakistan Muslim League UK. Irfan Raja Editor delivered his views about the formation of Mother Foundation and explained the agenda of the foundation. Participants of the dinner assured Irfan Raja for their fullest cooperation for this noble mission and expected as he and his team are delivering honestly through the platform similarly they will deliver to the poor and needy people from the platform of Mother Foundation. UK Pothwari / Kashmiri Community will stand by with the team of Mother Foundation. Raja Masood Alam shami paid high tribute to Irfan Raja for their services to help and highlight the problems of poor people and proved themselves as the voice of the poor people. Irfan Raja thanked for all the participants of the charity dinner and assured them that your donations will be spent for the proper cause .Thereafter pothwari folk songs ( Pothwari Shehar ) were recited by Hafiz Yaqoob, Raja Tajammal Hussain, Tallat Hussain and Zafar Mughal . Organizer of Pothwari Folk songs ( Pothwari shehars) was Choudhary Nawaz of Dhumma Sharif. Raja Waheed Vice President Muslim League N UK , Choudhary Aftab of Oldham (Dhumma Sharif), Lala Safeer Qureshi, Hafiz Sanwal Safeer of Nelson, Raja Dilpazeer, Ch Nawaz of Dhumma Sharif, Mirza Sohail Akbar, Raja Javed Nishtar, Mirza Mohammad Saleem, Raja Shakeel Anjum ,Irfan Raja Editor Gujarkhan2day, thanked to the host group Haji Mirza Abdul Qayyum, Mirza Younus of Aston ( Tholan) Mirza Khalid ,Raja Mumtaz Hussain, Sardar Zulfiqar Qayyum, Syed Ibrar Hussain Shah,Haji Mohammad Azram and Ch Khadim on arranging this decent dinner .

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